Eagle Pass & Del Rio

Hermina Alonzo


Hermenia is currently over $2.6 million in team sales, and is on track for her own agency within the next year – two years after she has been with Nexus Business Group. A sales professional in the industry for over 10 years, she is breaking state and national records for Nexus with her drive and inspiration – notably in the Latino population. She attributes her favorite quote to her success: “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”. A few of her considerable achievements:

Top 1st year performer 2016-2017

American Patriot Award Winner in personal sales

American Patriot Award Winner in Team Sales

Currently #2 agency builder for the country

Raul Conchas


With over 13 years in the insurance agency, Raul knows first hand what a first time agent is looking at in the field. His training, dedication, and work ethic have broken sales records and allowed him to share the path to success with many other insurance professionals. His decision to transition to Nexus Business Group from another national company transpired after he became familiar with the Family Heritage products – something he calls a blessing to his wife Denise and their six children. Raul is actively planning staff expansions throughout Texas so he can fulfill his mission to protect families and businesses as a leader with Nexus. A few outstanding achievements for Raul:

American Patriot Award winner in Personal Sales

Currently #14 sales professional in the country