San Antonio

Jose Orona, President

& Founder


As Founder of Texas Nexus Business Group in 2013, Jose has paved a way towards success personally and professionally.  A graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS Electronics Engineering, he quickly recognized Family Heritage as a business opportunity with unlimited potential and joined in 2006. Armed with a product based in giving others peace of mind, he diligently put together a team and focused on sales and recruitment, achieving milestones nationally and locally. A few notable achievements:

Moving forward, his active recruitment and mentorship of female and minority agents has moved Texas Nexus Business Group to new ground: Nexus Business Group will continue to change lives as an expansive network of agents and agency owners bringing Family Heritage products to global territory.

Lorena Orona


As Director of Texas Nexus Operations & Licensing since 2006, Lorena ensures that all individuals within Nexus experience a smooth and seamless transition into state licensing. Working directly with the Texas Dept. of Insurance, her role in preparation and execution for the licensing academy is vital to the recruitment process.

Larry Trujillo


With over 20 years of sales experience, Larry oversees the Small Business/Corporate Clients at Nexus. Having been in the insurance industry since 2008, his passion is securing the financial futures for families across South Texas and sharing his knowledge with his developing team.